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We are Fast5.co.uk – The home for mx5 lovers

Our mission statement is simple –

To provide the best Tuning, Aero and Mx5 Service parts in the world’

The site is split into two main sections – Mk1 (NA) & Mk2 (NB) cars.

And then Forced Induction parts (the best bits!)

Please feel free to contact us for more info on any products you are interested in or any products you require which are not listed.

The site will be updated regularly with new products, Ideas and parts.

Thanks for visiting – Fast5 team


From an early age when my father had MK1 escorts I’ve been obsessed with Cars.

After building, repairing, tuning, painting, fixing & modifying them over the last 15 years,

this passion led to Universal-Intercoolers.co.uk being born.

It was almost impossible to buy an off the shelf intercooler kit for the 5, the company was started to cater for that market.

More recently the demand for specialist Mx5 parts has led to the sister company of Fast5 being created.

Starting with Aero parts and aluminium goodies, this range will expand over time to bring you the best parts available from all over the world.

If you are interested in seeing our previous demo cars then use the drop down links above for the About Us page: these were two of the turbo demo cars built to show the things we do and can do for you.

We have personally modified into double figures of Mx5’s and we love it – so will be doing it again

Eat / Sleep / Breathe the 5 !