Mk1 Turbo Demo car

Mk1 Turbo Demo Car


Where do we start with this?

Brief facts :-

  1. Owned by us 3 times over the last 10 years
  2. Converted from Na to Turbo power
  3. Colour change from Silver to Ice White
  4. Multiple sets of wheels
  5. Many different styles (Race / JDM / track / Low / street / etc)
  6. Huge spec
  7. Pioneering new parts since 2002

Full build diary can be seen here on the Nutz website

19 pages of great info – grab a cup of tea and read it all !

Rebuild video here



It started as a silver Eunos like this.



Progressed to this



Then this (Turbo DIY conversion) One of the first UK cars to be turbo’d back then!



To this change of direction *body wise and wheels*



To the later stage (full revamp, colour change, turbo refresh, wide arches)

IMG_0203  IMG_0211IMG_0214IMG_0216IMG_0240 IMG_0323  IMG_0248


Then the last change was just before a magazine feature (Fast Car)




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